austin texas veterinarians emergency dermatologyOur Professional Allergy & Dermatology Team

Central Texas Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology is a veterinary dermatological referral practice staffed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jenise Daigle. After completing veterinary school,Dr. Daigle completed a small animal internship and dermatology residency. During this two or three year residency program, she received extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin diseases, ear diseases, skin cancer, infectious skin diseases, endocrinopathies and immune-mediated skin diseases in dogs, cats, pocket pets and large animals.

Allergy & Dermatology Services

The Dermatology department is able to address patients with chronic allergies, ear infections and other dermatological disorders by the use of diagnostic tools such as intradermal skin testing, video otoscopic examinations, skin biopsies and cultures and evaluation of blood panels. The dermatology department has been established to provide a more advanced level of patient care in conjunction with your regular veterinarian.

Existing Round Rock Dermatology clients can reach the Allergy & Dermatology team at [email protected].

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