austin texas veterinarians emergency surgeryOur emergency critical care departments are led by a team of veterinary emergency and critical care specialists. An emergency critical care specialist is available at each of our hospital locations (Round Rock and South Austin). A veterinary emergency and critical care specialist is trained to provide life-saving interventions and therapy for the sick pet. They have completed additional training in emergency and critical care and have passed an examination that evaluates their skills in that specialty area. Additional training by a veterinary emergency and critical care specialist usually involves graduation from a recognized veterinary school, followed by 4 or more additional years of intense training in emergency medicine and critical care and the requirement to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. A specialist in emergency and critical care is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (DACVECC).

Critical Care Services

A veterinary emergency and critical care specialist is dedicated to dealing with life-threatening emergencies as well as managing the critically ill pet. An emergency and critical care specialist’s expertise complements your primary veterinarian and other specialty services. You may be referred to an emergency and critical care specialist if your veterinarian determines that your pet requires specialized equipment and/or expertise. This is similar to when your family doctor refers you to a specialist for further testing or treatment.

What You Can Expect

Please understand that patients who present to the Central Texas Veterinary Emergency Department will be assessed based on the need for immediate and urgent medical treatment. Due to the variety of cases seen and the varying degrees of illness that an emergency clinician will oversee the initial consult may be different for each patient. Certain cases that present to the emergency department can be managed as an outpatient yet some pets require hospitalization for the best potential outcome. The emergency clinician will discuss the recommended diagnostics and treatments and provide you with a general estimate of the cost of the care to be provided. If your pet is admitted to our hospital your primary care veterinarian will be routinely updated and can also check on your pet via our pet portal.

Pet emergency patient prioritization