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Testimonial 5 - Google

“Came in for the first time tonight due to a random leg injury. Everyone was super nice and helpful. Price and the amount of time we were there was more than reasonable. Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease and making my baby comfortable. Excellent service all around! ”

—Joann Lopez

Testimonial 4 - Google

“Dr. Walden was thorough, compassionate and skilled. Her assistant, Emily, was knowledgeable and kind. They both communicated well with us and helped to get our puppy back to health! Additionally, our entire visit lasted under 1 hour including exam, X-rays, diagnosis and administration of antibiotics...that is amazing efficiency for an emergency visit on a weekend night. Well done! ”

—Elisabeth Potter

Testimonial 3 - Google

“Wow, the staff is very professional, courteous and they support the local wildlife by working closely with Wildlife Rescue (non profit/201C3). Late Sunday evening I found a wild duck with a fishhook in its eye and beak, Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin was open and able to remove both (treble) hooks without any damage the duck's eye; wildlife rescue then returned the duck to its natural habitat. Sincerest thanks and appreciation to Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin for going above and beyond. ”

—Drew Tijerina

Testimonial 2 - Facebook

“Everyone from the front desk staff to the technicians and vets are so caring and straight forward. Cher, Chloe, Lori, Jenna, Hanke, Dr. Simmons, Dr. Kleinman were so helpful, honest and caring. Tiger is still fighting, but he wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for your care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”

—Samantha Nielsen

Testimonial 1 - Facebook

“I brought my cat, Bandit, in because he was having urinary issues and clearly didn't feel well. Amy at the front desk was helpful both on the phone and as we were waiting. Dr. Harding gave Bandit great care, gave me options on the estimate, and gave advice when she had different findings than what we expected. Amy gave excellent discharge instructions. Both of them were understanding of my two small kids, who had been up since about 4 and were understandably starting to go bonkers. While I hope we have no further after-hours animal emergencies, I will not hesitate to take my animals to them in the event that we do. It's clear that they care about the animals and want to do what's best for them. ”

—Miki McKinney

Not a day passes I don't thank my lucky stars to have found Dr. Kerpsack and CTVSH!

“Not a day passes I don't thank my lucky stars to have found Dr. Kerpsack and CTVSH! My 7-year-old yellow lab Butter was experiencing unidentified pain for months with several unsuccessful treatments of steroids and bed rest. It broke my heart to see her in such discomfort. Thankfully my local veterinarian referred me to Dr. Kerpsack. Butter had an appointment the next morning and ventral slot surgery that afternoon. Dr. Kerpsack and the whole support staff at the clinic were extremely professional and incredibly compassionate. My stress was eased by their constant updates on Butter's recovery, their availability to answer my questions and their overall competence as a group. The recovery was not easy and longer than expected, but they were right there for me every step of the way. I feel I hit the jackpot in finding CTVSH! It is with great confidence I recommend their services.”

—Mimi G.

Our Geriatric Dog

“So, we had our dog “Baby Girl” for almost 16 years. We knew the time was near that we would lose her, but we wanted to keep her as long as she still enjoyed life. Right up to the end she would still act like a puppy now and then and she still enjoyed sneaking into the pantry to eat the cats’ treats. Her last day she had rotisserie chicken, which she loved. She started having distress breathing when we decided we needed to take her to the emergency Veterinarian at about 9 p.m. The last time we went to an emergency pet care service was about 30 years ago and it cost us more than $1,000. So we were skeptical and worried about being nickeled and dimed to death. Our geriatric dog had many issues and took more meds than my wife and I combined. We ended up losing Baby Girl about an hour after we arrived when we realized she was suffering and was not going to get better. Baby Girl had x-rays and medicine to relax her and also had to be put in an oxygen tank to relieve her distress breathing. My wife wanted Baby Girl cremated, which we had never done before. We were expecting a bill in the thousands and were VERY pleasantly surprised to find out the bill was less than $500 including cremation services. The staff was very sympathetic and kind. It was approximately two weeks when we received the call to let us know that Baby Girl’s ashes were ready for us to pick up. We had already purchased an urn and expected to receive the ashes in a bag or something. We were again surprised to find they were already sealed in a very nice cherry box with an engraved nameplate on top all in a nice bag with a bow. When I got home I gave the bag to my wife and went in the next room. When I came back she was crying. In the bag was also a plaster imprint of Baby’ Girls paw print, a bag with some of her fur, and a very nice booklet with a memorial to Baby Girl. I’m not a touchy feely kind of guy, but just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes. This was one of the most touching experiences I have ever had. We are so very impressed with Central Texas Veterinarian Hospital and the Pet Loss Center and cannot say enough positive about how they made us feel. They have definitely found a client for life. Thank you all very much for giving us something so beautiful to remember our Baby Girl by.”

—Michael and Linda D.

Sadie’s first South Dakota pheasant hunt was a success

“Sadie’s first South Dakota pheasant hunt was a success. You and your team did a great job, no hip problems at all...Thanks again for your expertise. ”

—Rick, Annie & Sadie B.

Taking in this special needs dog as a foster, I took him directly to CTVSH

“Taking in this special needs dog as a foster, I took him directly to CTVSH. This is where we learned Grant had a severe spinal infection. After a successful entrapped nerve root operation, more than a year of checkups, x-rays, and daily medications, Grant’s infection has completely cleared. I can say with great confidence that CTVSH provides the best care, timely updates, and kind consideration to both owners and dogs.”


Caring for those who mean the most to us!

“Caring for those who mean the most to us! When Mabel needed surgery I worried very much about the anesthesia, who it is that would care for her while she was in overnight recovery and many other fears that accompany caring for a loved one. Dr. Kerpsack and his staff made this event as positive as possible and, most importantly, got my bulldog back to me in a condition that exceeded my lofty expectations. If your best friend could talk I'm sure he or she would offer thanks knowing that they were cared for by those at CTVSH. Thanks”

—Allen B

How Ruby Got Her Groove Back!

“How Ruby Got Her Groove Back! Ruby had her 8week TPLO post-op check up on the 9th. Doc cleared her to run, jump and play. Visiting friends on Lake LBJ she played with other dogs like she was a puppy. She had the best time. She even climbed a ladder to the dock,which I had never seen her do before. Thanks to Dr. Kerpsack & staff for giving her a new lease on life. THANKS SO MUCH ! Ruby gives you two paws up! Jill”

Forty pounds lighter with my bionic knee

“...On behalf of the entire Shoop Family, including Rhett's two brothers Pistol and Bullet, I want to express our appreciation for your competent and compassionate care of Rhett over the last 6 weeks. While Rhett continues to insist that we install a water spa for him to continue his daily exercise routine and frequent gentle massages to smooth his recovering body, he is enjoying being home and resuming his former life as a DOG. His brothers are enjoying all of Rhett's stories of his new friends that he made when he was at the "Spa". Your Hospital is truly a unique and admirable operation. The organizational discipline of a world-class operation, highly skilled professionals and a "spirit of team" delivered quality caring services is reflective of many years of leadership and daily focus from the entire staff. When you consider that your team is faced with patients and owners that are not at their best and outcomes are not always as positive as Rehtt's, let me assure you that everyone should be proud of their individual contributions and the combined Hospital involvement & that is truly appreciated by both patients and owners. The Central Texas community is fortunate to have CTVSH. With Rhett's return, the Shoop Family Christmas will be especially happy and joyous this year. Thanks again for your help. Our best wishes for your Holiday Season and in the years to come.”

—Robert, Bullet, Pistol and Rhett

Milo is feeling great

“Milo is feeling great. He had a haircut today and is enjoying his recovery. He's been eating a lot and we started walking him the day after his confinement (28 days!). He really was amazingly well behaved for the 28, but over joyed to be let out . You have the most amazing hands! Thank you for fixing Milo. ”

—Lulo Lopez and Joe Dugan

Just Your Average Kitty

“Just Your Average Kitty! Today is sweet Bear's 2nd birthday and I thought of Dr. Clark. I know he would not have made it this far without the Allergy and Dermatology department’s and her help. Thank you to Dr. Clark for the loving care given him. He's doing wonderfully! He seems like a normal cat to me - eats well and sleeps lots. Just your average kitty. The only signs of his pemphigus are his crusty eye ducts and sometimes around his nose. The rest of him looks great! Thanks again to Dr. Clark for getting my little guy this far. He is so dear. ”

—Morgan McFall

Thank You for restoring Vinny's quality of life

“Thank You for restoring Vinny's quality of life. Vinny is my 6 year old wirehaired Dachshund. After being diagnosed with IVDD he was experiencing classic symptoms of this disorder. I took him in on a Saturday night and they had him scheduled for spinal surgery with you the next morning. I visited Vinny each day during his 3 day hospitalization and noticed immediate improvement. He is now functioning as well as he was before his diagnosis. Again, my family and I cannot thank you enough for giving Vinny back to us and letting him enjoy a pain free life once again.”

—Dave B

I wanted to again thank Dr. Kerpsack for the amazing gift of saving my puppy's life

“I wanted to again thank Dr. Kerpsack for the amazing gift of saving my puppy's life. Lincoln was diagnosed with a liver shunt after surgery when he was 13 weeks old. That was 5 years ago. Lincoln has lived a great life, blessed many people and has enriched my life beyond words. Lincoln was certified CGC at 10mths, agility at a year, has done print ad work, a Time Warner spot on Austin Pets and won Austin's first hippie hound contest!... There isn't a day that I don't think of Dr. Kerpsack and his ability to save our precious pet. I am forever grateful.”