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Primary Care veterinarians are our closest and most valuable partners in Central Texas. Below you can find the resources to easily connect with CTVSEH hospitals, upcoming events and announcements! 

austin texas veterinarians emergency surgeryPrimary Care Partnerships and Development

As we continue to partner with you, your clinic, and your clients, we have strategically and proudly incorporated Cathy Rothschild as our Director of Primary Care Partnerships and Development. Cathy provides your clinic with an immediate support team member between our hospitals and your primary care practice. She will inform your staff about continuing education opportunities, schedule peer-to-peer visits, collect feedback for continued growth for both you and CTVSEH and offer other materials that will assist you in supporting your clients.

To set up a meeting or contact Cathy Rothschild please email: [email protected]

Continuing Education with CTVSEH



Central Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital

April 9th, 2024

Bailey CAVMA