“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we
deeply love becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency believes in supporting pet families during a pet's last moments. We work closely with Fond Memories to provide families with options for keeping their pet's memories with them. 

CTVSEH is also proud to share that we have a new Director of Wellness Health, Ken Ardizzone. Ken provides our teams within the hospital and pet parents with mental health support during difficult times.

To meet and learn more about Ken, CLICK HERE!

Fond Memories Flyer

Fond Memories Pet Cemetary & Crematorium

Fond Memories is our chosen partner for pet aftercare and cremation services. They offer a variety of memorial products, free online memorial pages on their website, and a beautiful cemetery and memorial garden in Conroe, Texas. Their 24/7 Pet Compassion Careline is staffed exclusively by Master’s and Ph.D. level clinicians with at least 5 years’ experience in the counseling field. The Careline is available in English, French, and Spanish. Click the link above or scan the QR code to visit Fond Memories.

Pre-Planning and Pet Aftercare

Pre-Planning And Pet Aftercare: Support Guide For Families

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. Whether the loss of a pet is sudden, or something you’ve anticipated for weeks or months, it’s a highly emotional time. This brochure contains the most frequently asked questions on topics such as your pet's quality of life and knowing when the time is right, the process of humane euthanasia, and the advantages of numerous aftercare options. Content courtesy of The Ohio State University - Healing The Bond program.

Coping With The Loss Of A Companion Pet

Coping With The Loss Of A Companion Animal: A Support Guide For Families

Grief is a healthy and normal response to loss. Attempting to suppress feelings of grief can actually prolong the grieving process. This brochure addresses complicated feelings of guilt that can occur after losing a pet, how and when to seek support for your grief, ways to celebrate your pet's life, and more. Content courtesy of The Ohio State University - Veterinary Medical Center.

Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief: Information & Resources For Families

No one can provide a magic cure for grief. When grief is new, it is common to feel exhausted: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This brochure covers the five stages of grief and common its symptoms, as well as gentle reminders to yourself during this difficult time. You'll also find information about the Pet Compassion Careline, a 24/7 grief support line available to all: (855) 245-8214.