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Powerful medicine. Exceptional Care.

Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospitals provide referral services in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Allergy & Dermatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Critical Care, Rehabilitation & Conditioning, Canine Sports Therapy Services and 24-hour Emergency Care. By partnering with local veterinarians, we bring pets of Central Texas and their owners complete and exceptional pet care.

Our Animal Hospitals Offer Cutting Edge Medicine, with the Highest Quality Care

Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital is an animal care hospital equipped to handle all medical and surgical needs. From Emergency Care Services to Advanced Diagnostic and Surgical Services, our doctors and staff are trained to manage all of your pet's needs. We are continually updating our equipment and educating our team to the latest medical information.

“I wanted to again thank Dr. Kerpsack for the amazing gift of saving my puppy's life. Lincoln was diagnosed with a liver shunt after surgery when he was 13 weeks old. That was 5 years ago.”

“Thank You for restoring Vinny's quality of life. Vinny is my 6 year old wirehaired Dachshund. After being diagnosed with IVDD he was experiencing classic symptoms of this disorder.”

—Dave B

“Just Your Average Kitty! Today is sweet Bear's 2nd birthday and I thought of Dr. Clark. I know he would not have made it this far without the Allergy and Dermatology department’s and her help.”

—Morgan McFall

“Milo is feeling great. He had a haircut today and is enjoying his recovery. He's been eating a lot and we started walking him the day after his confinement (28 days!).”

—Lulo Lopez and Joe Dugan

“...On behalf of the entire Shoop Family, including Rhett's two brothers Pistol and Bullet, I want to express our appreciation for your competent and compassionate care of Rhett.”

—Robert, Bullet, Pistol and Rhett

“How Ruby Got Her Groove Back! Ruby had her 8week TPLO post-op check up on the 9th. Doc cleared her to run, jump and play. Visiting friends on Lake LBJ she played with other dogs like she was a puppy.”

“Caring for those who mean the most to us!”

—Allen B

“Taking in this special needs dog as a foster, I took him directly to CTVSH. This is where we learned Grant had a severe spinal infection.”


“Sadie’s first South Dakota pheasant hunt was a success. You and your team did a great job, no hip problems at all...Thanks again for your expertise. ”

—Rick, Annie & Sadie B.

“So, we had our dog “Baby Girl” for almost 16 years. We knew the time was near that we would lose her, but we wanted to keep her as long as she still enjoyed life.”

—Michael and Linda D.

“Not a day passes I don't thank my lucky stars to have found Dr. Kerpsack and CTVSH!”

—Mimi G.

“I brought my cat, Bandit, in because he was having urinary issues and clearly didn't feel well. Amy at the front desk was helpful both on the phone and as we were waiting. Dr.”

—Miki McKinney

“Everyone from the front desk staff to the technicians and vets are so caring and straight forward. Cher, Chloe, Lori, Jenna, Hanke, Dr. Simmons, Dr. Kleinman were so helpful, honest and caring.”

—Samantha Nielsen

“Wow, the staff is very professional, courteous and they support the local wildlife by working closely with Wildlife Rescue (non profit/201C3).”

—Drew Tijerina

“Dr. Walden was thorough, compassionate and skilled. Her assistant, Emily, was knowledgeable and kind. They both communicated well with us and helped to get our puppy back to health!”

—Elisabeth Potter

“Came in for the first time tonight due to a random leg injury. Everyone was super nice and helpful. Price and the amount of time we were there was more than reasonable.”

—Joann Lopez

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