Hello, pet parents. My name is Courtney with Central Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital. I'm going to demonstrate another way to pill your cat. If you don't have a countertop, maybe it's an awkward height, maybe it's just a little bit too dangerous for both you and your cat, or you're more agile and you're more comfortable doing it on the floor, having your pet on the floor is a great approach to administering a pill. So you want to go ahead and get behind your cat. That way, because their instinct is to back up, as Bug is trying to do here, that they really have nowhere to go. I'm going to be using just a piece of kibble as a demonstration.

So, I want kind of my feet and my body to be behind him. I'm not sitting on him, I'm just sitting behind him. Again, grabbing the top of his head with full hand, grasping that pill between the thumb and index finger and using my middle finger to open his jaw, dropping the pill back as far as possible. He's already swallowed it as you can tell because he licked his nose. Again, another way to get them to lick their nose is to kind of rub on it or give them a quick puff of air on their nose. Give them some pets, let them run around again and be a cat, make it a happy experience so they don't feel like they're being tortured.