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Let's get one thing straight—kittens are universally adored because, dang, they're cute. They are playful, mischievous, and there always seems to be a smile associated with watching a kitten play with a paper ball or following a laser pointer. But here you sit, thinking about adopting a senior cat? How did I know this? You would not have clicked on this blog if you weren’t debating the idea. There are many senior cats to choose from when you go to your local shelter, all of which are in desperate need of a furever home.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. This is the perfect opportunity to explain why senior cats are just as deserving to be in a furever home as that cute kitten. We've rounded up 10 reasons why old kitties are the best and shared them with you below.

1. They're Often the Victim of Circumstance

Contrary to popular belief, older cats that end up in shelters are not put there because they are “rejects”. Instead, it's often because the owners have become allergic to the cat as their coat changes from kitten to adulthood. Or perhaps their owners are elderly and must go to a nursing home themselves. Oftentimes, cat owners fall on hard times and simply cannot afford the cost of the cat food and keeping the pet healthy.

2. No Potty Training!

Can we get an amen?! Most senior cats are already litterbox trained. They remember what the box is for and know how to use it. With kittens, it is an ongoing task to teach them how to relieve themselves.

3. Senior Cats Appreciate Good Grooming

Senior cats are cleaner. They clean and groom themselves better than kittens and, unlike kittens, they don’t make the litterbox a playground kicking out litter (and waste)!

4. The Power of Picking Personality is Purrrrrfect

Personalities are already established with senior cats, and you will know right away if they are a good fit for your family and lifestyle. Rescues can help with that as well because, although they may not know the cat’s history, they get to know the kitty's personality during their stay and can tell which family life is best.

5. Scratching and Teething Are (Mostly!) in the Rearview Mirror

By the time the cat reaches adult or senior years, their behavior is well known. With a kitten, there is the destruction of belongings due to teething (kittens like to chew), and let’s not forget about scratching your furniture to sharpen their claws! Older cats have adult teeth and are very familiar with the good ole scratching post. This leaves more time for learning new tricks and sharing more love.

6. What You See is What You Get

Senior cats are fully grown. There are no surprises when it comes to their appearance. Sometimes, with kittens, you may want a short-haired cat but end up with a long-haired cat. Sizes may also vary as a kitten continues to maturity.

7. Senior Kitties Are Chill

Older cats seem to be wiser and have more patience, especially when it comes to children. If they are in a situation they don’t care for, they already know to simply leave the room. Older cats also get out of the way when you walk while kittens need to ‘learn’ the lesson to get out from under your feet. Kittens are also fragile, can fall, or get dropped, causing injury.

8. Older Cats Make Excellent Couch Potatoes

Want an addition but don’t have time for an energetic kitten? Then settle for a calmer cat looking for snuggles in your lap. Just like humans when they age, older cats tend to require more sleep and are content just being your nap buddy.

9. Older Pets Know When They Are Rescued

This might sound silly but ask anyone who has ever rescued a pet - they seem to truly know that you were their savior. When rescuing a fur baby (cat and dogs alike), you are given a lifetime of appreciation. To show their gratefulness, they continue to give lots of love in return.

10. You Can Be a Life Saver...Literally

Be a hero! Save more than one life. This is a senior cat’s last chance. Kittens are cute and get adopted easily. By adopting a senior cat, you are encouraging family and friends to do the same by sharing your success story.

So, if you are in the market to add another furry feline to your family, consider adopting a warm-hearted senior cat. You may also find that some rescues may even waive the adoption fees during Adopt a Senior Pet in the month of November. 



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