Specialty appointments at CTVSEH are referral appointments, meaning we only see pets that have been referred by your general practice veterinarian. You must have a referral to make an appointment to CTVSEH to see a specialist. We want to make sure that you and your veterinarian have decided the best next course of action in care of your loved one. This also allows us to work as a team with your veterinarian in providing such care. Please check with your family veterinarian's office to see that a referral has been called in prior to contacting us for an appointment.

The initial consultation appointment can be made by you or your family veterinarian. This can be done by contacting the appointment line of CTVSEH at 512-892-9038.

Prior to your appointment, we ask that you request copies of records be sent to CTVSEH or picked up by you and brought to the appointment (this includes copies of records, x-rays, lab work, reports). This will help to expedite your appointment and allow the doctors at CTVSEH (along with you) to have all pertinent information needed to formulate the best diagnostic/treatment plan for your pet. Please feel free to call prior to your appointment to verify our receipt of information that you will not be bringing directly.